The Wine Cellar Club uses all the electronic gizmos one would expect in a high security wine storage. We have CCTV systems, door access key pads, multiple alarm response monitoring stations, on-site guard service, fire sprinklers with alarms, temperature monitoring systems, and much more.

However, nothing compares in effectiveness with our diligent staff who make it their business to know all our members - by name and by appearance. We are constantly roaming around greeting members and their guests.


CCTV Cameras

We have lots of CCTV cameras monitoring our facility. These are state of the art systems with advanced features allowing us to monitor our facility from any internet connection, and we have the ability to retrieve history from months ago.

Smile! You're on camera!


Alarm Systems

The Wine Cellar Club utilizes multiple alarm systems - each connected to a different central station which monitors activity by computer and live operators. Any interior movement or attempt to open an access door will trigger an alarm and immediate response. We prefer redundant systems so our members are assured their treasures, and my own, are well protected.


Secure Access Doors

To access the Wine Cellar Club you need to enter your PIN number using the door entrance keypad. Access is available only during our normal business hours. 

Members share our concern for security and will not allow access to strangers. As a further security measure our staff is constantly monitoring our cameras and walking around the facility, parking lots, and meeting rooms - welcoming members and offering assistance.


Planned Redundancy

The Wine Cellar Club occupies two buildings, each equipped with more than double the cooling capacity required. Besides multiple alarm and fire sprinkler systems, monitored by two central stations, we employ an armed guard service so we can all sleep better knowing our security is outstanding.


Full-Time Supervision

Many wine storage facilities permit entry 24/7.  We do not.  The Wine Cellar Club is a fully supervised facility where our full-time staff are trained to provide maximum security by constantly walking around, greeting our members, and watching for any suspicious activity. 


Guard Service

In addition to the services of the Irvine Police Department, which happens to be located two blocks from our facility, the Wine Cellar Club also contracts with an armed guard service. Our guard service checks our access doors, exterior lighting, parked cars, and more. They are trained to observe suspicious activity, notify the Irvine Police Department, and most important for us - protect our facility.


Irvine Police Department

The City of Irvine is always striving for the #1 position of safest city in the US, with the HUGE support of the Irvine Police Department. Extremely friendly and vigilant, we are proud to have active members of law enforcement as club members.   The Irvine Police Department and City Hall are located 2 blocks for our facility.


Automated Temperature Alerts

One of the most important aspects of wine security is your wine's health. We utilize high-tech automated temperature alert systems, allowing us to receive real time notifications if the extremely sensitive temperature sensors vary from our settings. 


Fire Sprinklers

Both our facilities are fully protected with fire sprinklers. Our systems are inspected and certified by the OC Fire Department and by our own sprinkler maintenance service. Both systems are monitored by our alarm service central station and, in addition, we have the loudest audible alarms on this planet.