The Wine Cellar Club's most appreciated service is it's receiving room. 

The Wine Cellar Club will receive your UPS/FedEx/GSO/etc wine deliveries. 

Using a custom receiving program, we log in and store your wine in our secure receiving rooms. Once your shipment is logged in, you will receive an automated computer generated E-mail with your package(s) tracking number(s). 

This is intended to be a temporary storage. On your next trip to your wine cellar stop by the receiving room to pick up your wine delivery.  

No Charge for this service, but we do ask you to promptly claim your wine.

(Please read our 30 day receiving room policy below)

Monday thru Thursday - 10:00am - 6:00pm
Friday - 10:00am - 6:30pm
Saturday - 10:00am - 6:30pm


We know how hard it is to find empty wine boxes - so we sell them.  Our boxes are the perfect size for most wine bottles (not suitable for German wine bottles) and they fit really well in our lockers. Our price is a low $5.23/ea + sls tx. 

Wine Cellar Club Receiving Room Policy

Your wine deliveries are received, logged, and stored in our secure receiving room for up to 30 days at no charge.

We will send you an E-Mail on the day received advising you of your delivery. Reminder notices will be sent on a regular schedule. We ask that you retrieve your delivery ASAP - particularly during the busy fall delivery season.

When you pick up your boxes please do not select individual cartons–  take the entire lot.

You may authorize someone you know and trust to pick up your wine for you.  Contact our office 949-252-1828 or for authorization details.

Unless other arrangements are made, after 30 days all wine received in your name – regardless of date received if there are multiple shipments - will be moved to the smallest locker possible and you will be billed at our monthly rate until you are able to visit at your leisure.

Special concierge services are available for those who live out of the area or require special assistance. For example:

  1. Styrofoam boxes take up a lot of valuable locker space. We will repack your Styrofoam shipping boxes we receive to a new corrugated wine box suitable for storage in our lockers. Our charge is $18/box which includes the cost of the new box, disposal of the Styrofoam box, and placing the box in your cellar. Note - requires member's written authorization form to allow us access to your locker, and a key or combination for your lock.

  2. We will move your wine from receiving to your locker or walk-in @ $10/box.  Note - requires member's written authorization form to allow us access to your locker, and a key or combination for your lock.

  3. We work with 3rd party concierge service providers.  The provide numerous concierge services - Cellar Tracker Inventory, pickup and/or delivery to your home, etc. Ask us for more details.