Imagine all the features of the dream cellar you want

at a fraction of the cost and no hassle...

Wine Lockers

The Wine Cellar Club lockers are unique. We design and build our own lockers - on our premises. Our materials are chosen for their functionality as well as beauty, and are the right dimensions for standard corrugated wine boxes and/or wood cases.

Our wine lockers come in the following sizes:




48cs mid & bottom level

48cs limited access


Walk-In Options:

Junior - 85cs

Junior Deluxe - 103cs

Standard - 166cs

Standard Deluxe - 240cs

Supreme Deluxe - 360cs

Larger Size Cellars By Request


There is only one word to describe our walk-in cellars - AMAZING!

We install real wood shelving and custom built rack systems to provide comfort and utility. We add upgraded extras such as crown molding, aluminum trim and extra strong metal shelf supports to highlight the deluxe look, feel, and utility of our cellars.

Walk-In cellars come with racks which are fully customizable  - 750ml, 375ml, 1.5l - you choose what you need for your collection.

Walk-In Cellars

Cabinets w/ Racks

The Wine Cellar Club installed racks are made to fit our larger lockers and walk-ins. 

Our racks are designed for 750ml, 375ml, and magnum bottles. Members may choose an assortment of sizes or just 750ml - depending on the locker type and personal requirements.

Cabinets with Racks Installed Options:

20cs racked (240 btl)

30cs racked (360 btl)

48cs mid level half/full racked (180 btl/24cs box or 360 btl)

48cs lower level half/full racked (180 btl/24cs box or 360 btl)

96cs half/full racked                      (360 btl/48cs box or 720 btl)